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Gitgit Waterfall

Gitgit Waterfall is one of the most popular Bali Places of Interest offer nature journey. This tourism site is located in the north of Bali in the village of Git Git about 10 kilometres from Singaraja or about fourty five minutes drive from the tourist town of Lovina. The waterfall itself is about a mile outside of the village. Git Git Waterfall is one of the tourist destination in Bali, the waterfall from a height of 40 meters straight down.

Gitgit Waterfall all year round but especially during the rainy season, its impressive. All this happens in a setting of green rainforest, near the Gitgit Waterfall are many tourist shops. The tourism industry of the island will clearly benefit from the waterfall, other waterfall in the area are lower but in many cases less severe. The other waterfalls are also safer for loving couples because according to superstition will be a bunch, bathing in the water of the waterfall Gitgit, break up quickly.

When you arrive in Gitgit Waterfall, its still a little way to walk to the waterfall because it is only accessible on foot. The trip takes about eight hundred meters, the path runs down the mountain and along a river. Sometimes the stairs will go a little bit down, and sometimes you have climb a narrow path. You walk on the dikes of rice fields and vanilla plantations. Furthermore, you can see the entire path stalls where you can buy souvenirs. Especially a lot of sarongs, spices, kites and carvings, is sold here.

These souvenirs can be found all over the island, if you want to buy though realize that you have to go up and down to drag your souvenir. There are also run a lot of small children, who sell beaded necklaces, maybe its better to buy something on the way. Along the way to Gitgit Waterfall you can see sacrifices beside the path. There are especially a lot of flowers offered, but there are other sacrifices along the way such as cola bottles or mineral water.

Gitgit Waterfall is clearly audible if you were climbing, however you do not see the waterfall. At one point the path will bend after this turn you will see finally the waterfall, its very special and relaxing. At the bottom of the waterfall is a small deep lake formed. This water flows away quickly between and over the rocks. At a small distance from the waterfall there is a bridge over the river. From here you can look at the waterfall and take some good pictures.

After such a long walk is standing here close to the waterfall a good way to cool off. The fine mist of the falling water is coming to you, it makes you wet with ice-cold splashes. In the water you can also swim but it flows quickly, also have a good look at the beautiful green nature around Gitgit Waterfall. Especially in the morning it is quiet here and allow you to enjoy the beautiful scenery without being disturbed.

The only attraction of the village is the Gitgit Waterfall. The village has nothing to offer, however its worthwhile, the mountain slopes are green and the village is about eight hundred meters long. It is not as hot as in the towns by the sea, this allow you to go walking in the area. Besides the beautiful forest there are many clove and coffee plantations. Also, cocoa, vanilla and tropical fruit trees can be admired in abundance. To go to the Gitgit Waterfall you have to pay entrance ticket IDR 10,000 and the fee is used to maintain the paths neat and clean.